Updates : Out of Court Settlement

In demonstration of our growing competence in employment and labour law practice, Azih & Azih (Legal Practitioners) recently secured an out of court settlement for a claim of termination of fixed term employment contract.

Our client was hired by an outsourcing company to work as a Business Development Executive for a leading commercial Bank in Nigeria.

She was issued a 15 month “fixed term” contract.

Few days after resumption, her employment was terminated abruptly for no just cause and no reason was provided in the termination letter.

We took up the brief and made a demand for compensation on her employers (the outsourcing company and the bank) for the salary and other emoluments she could have earned for the fixed period had her employment not been prematurely terminated.

Following negotiations, we settled the case for about 80% of the aggregate estimated sum our client could have earned had her employment not been terminated.

All considered, we deem it fit to give kudos to the outsourcing company for their disposition to a compromise in consideration of our claim, thereby avoiding protracted and needless litigation.

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